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About Me

Hi friend!  My name is Lindsay Dowd, I'm a 31 year old professional volleyball player seeking all things beautiful in this world.  For the past nine years I've been lucky enough to play the game I love while traveling to countries East and West of the United States.  


It all started when I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a minor in Writing.  I went straight into Corporate Sponsorships in Professional Sports where I thought I had my life perfectly planned out.  I was quickly sidelined by an opportunity of a lifetime: to become a Professional Volleyball player living in Europe for 9 months of the year.  After some reflecting, I realized that I needed an adventure in my life.  So I chose to change my life plan, packed my bags and set out for the Swiss Alps.🇨🇭

Exposing myself to new cultures, I realized that there was still oh so much of this Earth that I need to explore.  So I decided to extend my career another year to compete in my beautiful homeland of the Philippines.🇵🇭  Living the life of true wonder.  The enriching conversations and the colorful moments all filled my veins with an electricity of love for this lifestyle.  My travel bug grew even larger while my fire to compete against the best stood strong.

Working the next 6 months with Lululemon, I was pushed to face my goals in my professional career: I wanted to compete top league on a top team in European competition.  I spent every morning creating highlight tapes, formatting e-mails tracking down coaches/ team managers/ players, Anything that could get me into the door of a team.  The hard work paid off when I bagged the setting spot in Aachen, Germany: a team in the top league of German Volleyball.  Hellooo Bundesliga!🇩🇪

Two years fully committed as a professional competing in front of the best crowd of the Bundesliga, with a year as captain and a bronze medal in tote, I had met my goals.  Now what?

I wasn't done with top league competition.  This fire was burning real bright, but I did miss having the ability to explore this world that I was competing in.  Maybe it was time to find a way to get a bit of both: the high level of professional volleyball And a taste of the sweet lifestyle.  Hmm I've never really had a chance to see what French living is like, why not dabble in a bit of the South of France!?


For the following two years, I lived in Aix en Provence, playing my sixth professional season overseas in the top league of French Volleyball.  Bonjour mis amis!🇫🇷 My second season ended in a full blown world wide lockdown where I was stuck in France, forbidden to go any further than a 1 kilometer radius from my house. After a two month house arrest lockdown, I fled the country to the neighboring border of my boyfriend's homeland, Luxembourg.🇱🇺  This next year was a nightmare for American volleyball players as clubs had blacklisted US players, not wanting to deal with their visas. You know what they say! When life gives you lemons!...create your own art business. The following year was dedicated to creating where I finally gave myself the chance to follow my artistic side. Check it out :)

After realizing that I wasn't quite finished competing as a pro athlete, I went back to the Bundesliga 🇩🇪 for one. final. time.

I am grateful and straight up psyched for yet another opportunity to check so many unreal experiences off my bucket list, creating space for new ones. 

My goal is to inspire others to dive into that curious little kid who lays deep inside, eagerly waiting to explore the world. Listen to that kid; go out and play! 

Clench onto your brave side and test out new things.  Hell, just give it a try and put yourself in uncomfortable situations.  Because in the end, you will fall in love with the world. Better yet, you will fall in love with yourself!  

Traveling helped me find my happiness.  Though trekking across the world may not be in the cards for everybody, let's then find the beauty in our surroundings.
I hope that we never stop creating and always find a way to happiness. Laugh at silly moments and never, ever stop wondering.


 Let's create magic.

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